The Slam Dunk of NBA & Strathcona!

Renovations of the Strathcona gym just began Monday August 11th with a big celebration planned for October 11th. The swoosh and stealth of gymnasium floor resurfacing and repairs, as well as a refresh of gym walls and score clocks was made possible by community connection, support and endorsement of our Strathcona basketball and youth programs.  


Picture highlights:

Ron Suzuki with NBA star Eric Gordon of the New Orleans Pelicans and players from the European League… a ladder for Ron might be in order.

Mitra Tshan who coordinated all our amazing youths to help out with the NBA Nation Launch are pictured with Eric Gordon from the New Orleans Pelicans.

NBA representatives: Chris, in the yellow coveted "I Love Strathcona" t-shirt and Jonathan, who is proudly displaying the shirt are our NBA go-to guys as the project commences!

Very exciting community news! And remember... mark October 11th in your calendar for the fun and grand unveiling!

Special thanks to Mike Evans & Mitra Tshan of Britannia High School, Ross & Lawrie of Basketball BC for introducing NBA to Strathcona. We are very grateful and excited that Strathcona was selected amongst and over other Greater Vancouver facilities considered. Success was a team effort, and included our point players: VSB partners, Harjinder Sandhu, Strathcona School Principal and Jessie Brown, Strathcona School Vice-Principal, Ron Suzuki and Harvey Eng of Strathcona Community Centre! SJ


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