Rooms Available for Rent

Please contact our staff for a tour of our facilities to find the right space that will best fit your needs. Rental of rooms are subject to availability and more typically available after operating hours. 

Please see below for room photos and rates. 

Gymnasium $25.00/hour


Activity Room $25.00/hour




Games Room $25.00/hour


- Pool table

- Ping pong table

- Chairs

- Tables

- Foosball table

- TV



Activity Room $25.00/hour



- 2 Chalk boards

- Projector screen (Projector not included)

- Chairs

- Stand up piano 



Seniors Room $25.00/hour


- Dance bars (as seen in photo) 

- Chairs

*Downstairs kitchen rented separately 







Room Rental Rates






Seniors Room




Activity Room




Multi-Purpose Room




Pre-School Room








Staff & Supervision***




Equipment Rental




Damage Deposit Fee**




Equipment Rental Deposit****

$40.00 (extra)


**     A security/damage deposit is required at time of booking and will be refunded 10 days after scheduled event.

***   Staff hourly rate for outside of community centre’s regular operating hours.  A minimum of 2 hours is required. 

****  Equipment Rentals must be requested in advance. 


Please call at 604.713.1838 for more information or to make a booking, please fill out the rental application form and drop it off at the Strathcona Community Centre office or email the completed form to  




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