SCCA Board

The Board is elected to represent and promote the interests of the residents of the Strathcona Community, striving to provide and deliver recreation and social services to the neighbourhood together with the recreation field staff. Each and all directors bring a diverse and unique range of experience, expertise, and passion.

The Board of Directors consists of a maximum of eighteen Directors plus immediate Past-President.  Board officers are elected by each new Board and include, the President, Vice-President (2), Secretary and Treasurer.  

The Board of Directors is accountable to the members of the Strathcona Community Centre Association and elected annually at the Annual General Meeting held in May.  

Nominations and expression of interest to serve can be emailed to      


2014 – 2015  SCCA Board of Directors


Amanda Gibbs – President


Amanda Gibbs is a public engagement specialist and facilitator who lives and works in Strathcona. She is a mother of two kids who attend Strathcona Elementary School and wants them to learn and grow in an accepting, equitable, inclusive and creative urban community. She  has more than two decades of experience working with not for profits in Canada and around the world, and sees the acceptance, community building ethos, human scale and innovation in Strathcona as key to how neighbourhoods can drive change. 


Scott Vandeloo – Past President


Scott Vandeloo has been serving on the SCCA board for over 5 years. He is a Youth and Family Worker with the Vancouver School Board where he works closely with children and families of inner city schools.  As parent of two school aged children and long-time resident of Strathcona, he sees Strathcona Community Centre programs having direct impact on the lives of the neighbourhood’s residents.  In sharing his experience and expertise, he makes contribution and focuses on programming and childcare work at the community centre and supports its positive outcomes.  At Strathcona Pub Night Social fundraisers, Scott is the go-to guy for stealth and strength in toting and chilling kegs of beverages. 


 Shannon Williams – Vice-President


Shannon Williams is a mother of two young kids and has lived in Strathcona since 2000.  She and her family have enjoyed many of the great services offered by the Community Centre (preschool, after school care, boot camp) and in 2012 Shannon was elected to the Board of the SCCA.   Shannon is a lawyer and has experience working with non-profits.  She loves the SCCA because it is such an incredible resource and support for our community and it truly makes our community a family. 


Shirley Joe- Vice President


Shirley Joe’s fond experiences in Strathcona had her returning in May 2012 to serve on the SCCA board. She attended Lord Strathcona Elementary and Britannia High School. while her parents operated a local printing shop.  Shirley participated in many fun programs in the newly constructed 1972 “first in Canada” community centre with an adjacent elementary school. She also volunteered and worked in various capacities at the community centre in her younger years.  Today, as full time mom of two and wife of one, she is an on call project person for her husband’s second generation, Strathcona based businesses. Shirley looks forward to supporting the work and the community that is near and dear to her heart.


 Gary Mah - Treasurer


Gary Mah grew up in the Strathcona neighborhood alongside his two younger brothers John and Henry. He recalls the days of making (and eating) green eggs and ham in kindergarten, the box hockey games at Maclean Park, the delicious Benny Burgers at the Benny's Italian Market on Union, the list goes on. Although he moved out of the neighborhood in the late 90s, he will never forget his roots as they helped shape who he is today. Gary believes that the services and programs offered at Strathcona are crucial in helping the community and those in need, and has vowed to give back to the community he grew up in. As a graduate of UBC's Sauder School of Business, he recently obtained his Chartered Accountant designation and is now serving as the Treasurer of the SCCA.


Natalie Ord – Secretary 


Born and (mostly) raised in Strathcona, Natalie has many fond childhood memories of growing up in the neighbourhood and is pleased to still be connected to the community she calls home through her involvement on the SCCA board. Outside of her volunteer activities she can be found working as a Grant Administrator at Vancouver Foundation during the day and pursuing graduate studies in Simon Fraser University's Urban Studies program in the evenings. Her free time is spent devouring fiction, conversing animatedly with friends and family (preferably during a delicious meal), escaping into the mountains as often as she can, and entertaining the Cat. 


 Brian "Jack" Fraser -  Director 


Brian “Jack” Fraser has lived in Strathcona for the past 10 years. As a child, Jack bought candy from the store which is now his home. Jack has been on the SCCA Board for the past 5 years.  He is a regular user of the workout facilities and is the "go to person" for cheque signing, mainly because he lives around the corner.  His dogs really love the community centre and have made the cover of the Community Centre brochure twice in the past year.  He initially was interested in being on the Board for fundraising and has been instrumental in events such as the “PUP” evening event.  Jack works in sales, loves to cook and play competitive slow pitch. He also has a beautiful wife who is his secretary, puts up with him, and wrote this bio.


 Cherryl Lam - Director


Until recently, Cherryl Lam has lived most of her life in Strathcona and still considers it home. Growing up in the neighbourhood, the community centre naturally became a regular hangout where she participated in cooking and Sekido lessons, got involved in the various youth leadership programs, and had her first job as a Supershine daycamp leader. It was the result of these leadership programs that eventually led to her first joining the Board in 1999 as a Youth Council representative. Cherryl has since served as a director on and off over the years. She always found herself returning to stay involved and giving back to the hood. The strong sense of community, history, and diversity in Strathcona has made her who she is today and also influenced her to enter the field of urban planning. When Cherryl’s not thinking about food, she can likely be found laughing with friends, wandering about at local events discovering arts & culture, or walking around Strathcona with her Dachshund.


Kwok Hung Mok - Director 

Kwok Hung Mok is a retired draftsman and construction estimator.  He proudly enters his 15th year serving on the SCCA Board. During these years, he also has served as chair of seniors’ organization, the Vancouver Chinese Elderly Citizens’ Association.  He is an active volunteer for both organizations where he is on hand weekly to provide translation services to seniors and low income families.  During income tax return time, he can be found at the community centre helping many of his non-English speaking counterparts complete and submit their returns.  Prior his work at Strathcona, he volunteered for a former provincial government program, providing aid seniors as senior citizen counselor.  Now, during his leisure time, Kwok Hung can be found enjoying his favorite dim sum dumplings with lunch buddies in nearby Chinese restaurants. 


 Lynn Hill - Director 

 Milisa Gardy - Director


Milisa Gardy is a neighbourhood mom who lives and works within a block of the Strathcona Community Centre. Milisa has been a SCCA Director for 4 years and is SCCA's former Food Security Coordinator who continues to have a keen interest in supporting local & sustainable businesses and food projects. She has been organizing a variety of free all ages community events at the centre and around Strathcona over the past 7 years. Milisa spends most of her time with her two sweet girls, practices yoga whenever some time can be freed up. Milisa can be found most mornings at The Wilder Snail serving the community coffee & organic goodies.


MyVi Truong - Director 

MyVi Truong's amazing childhood memories of playing basketball at Strathcona and hanging out in Chinatown every Sunday has brought her back with excitement to serve the Strathcona Community. She currently works for the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovations, mainly serving the Downtown Eastside. MyVi graduated from Simon Fraser University with a degree in Geography, she is now continuing her education in Global Business Studies. MyVi has a passion for developing people and improving local communities. Her passion can be seen through her work and volunteer work of coaching her former high school basketball team, as well as through initiating charity fundraisers and participating in projects for international aid.  MyVi also has a passion, fuel and love for chocolates and cheesecake.


Robert Hollingsworth - Director


Robert uses the fitness centre on a regular basis and was happy to join and become a Board Member knowing the important role the centre plays as a hub for the community. He lives on Hawks Avenue with his two daughters and works for a marketing agency where many of their clients are in the non-profit sector with fundraising campaign projects. His interest in running had him organizing the inaugural 2014 group of Strathcona inspired half marathoners & 5km runners to run and raise $11,400 at the Scotiabank Half Marathon for the community centre.  His other interests include participating annually in the Eastside Culture Crawl as a local artist and tending to his plot at Strathcona Community Garden with green thumb savvy. 

 Teresia "TC" Waisman- Director

TC Waisman grew up in the Strathcona area in the 70’s & 80’s and has wonderful memories of diverse friends, unique experiences and amazing foods from around the world…all of which helped to shape who she is today. She is an Executive Leadership Coach, public speaker and willing participant to any fun Strathcona event. TC has a Masters Degree in Leadership & Training and has dedicated her life to bringing Adaptive Leadership skills learned from her village in Fiji to her organizational clients. TC has a husband who makes her laugh, a pug who thinks he is a king and a daughter attending law school who inspires her to reach for her dream of attaining a PhD. TC can be found consuming books, watching movies that makes her laugh, listening to CBC radio or dreaming about yummy food.


Walker Patton- Director


Walker Patton is an investment advisor with RBC Dominion Securities, but more importantly, a director with the SCCA and a proud product of the Strathcona Community. Walker was born and raised in Strathcona and attended both Strathcona Elementary and Britannia High. Walker received his commerce degree from Mount Allison University and transitioned into the finance industry where he now helps families with their wealth management needs.  Looking back, Walker realized that there was something special in the water here at Strathcona and credits much of the success he has had in his life to the values, culture, and diversity he grew up with.  While looking for ways to give back, he was offered a seat on the board with the SCCA and was happy to accept.  Walker can be found in the neighbourhood on a regular basis at community events in a three-piece suit, or playing basketball at the gym with the same group of hooligans he grew up with. 


Willem Haan - Director

Willem Haan is a fitness enthusiast who joined the board with interest in fitness and gym programming.   He is a retired interior designer and purveyor of antique collectibles.   He is a long-time resident of Strathcona, and proud to be residing “north of Hastings”.   Willem is a community oriented individual who enjoys opportunities to be designate designer for Strathcona Pub Socials.  He can do decorating magic with a very limited budget and loves using paper streamers in creative ways. 

 Board Committees  

Executive Committee

Childcare Committee

Finance Committee

Food Security Committee

Fundraising Committee

Governance/Nominating/HR Committee 

Program Committee

Chair - Amanda Gibbs

Chair - Scott Vandeloo

Chair - Gary Mah

Co-Chairs - Milisa Hardy | TBA 

Chair - Shirley Joe

Chair - Shannon Williams

Chair - Natalie Ord


About the Committees

Members of the community, staff and volunteers can be invited to join specific meetings with an eye to improving community input and organizational engagement and collaboration.  Each committee sets by policy approach, priorities and norms for Strathcona Community Centre Association's programming balancing sustainability with community stewardship, needs and interests.  The committees operate as standing committees. Both SCCA President & Park Board Recreation Supervisor are ex-officio members.  

Executive Committee 

The major responsibilities of the Executive Committee are to provide executive oversight on behalf of the Board and to support the Board by ensuring that it has effective tools for conducting its business.  The Committee reports to the Board with respect to its activities and decisions in areas which include risk management, partnerships, financial planning and human resources.  


Childcare Committee

Activities include: reporting on opportunities and challenges for childcare programming, and setting policy and developing priorities for licensed childcare operations. Members include staff leads of licensed childcare programs and additional staff as required.


Finance Committee

Activities include: ensuring management of the organization’s finances are adequate and effective, reporting, reviewing and recommending approval of financial statements, accounting policies and practices, and risk management and information technology policies and procedures. The Treasurer lead committee supports finance work with board, management, internal and external auditors and invited advisors.  


Food Security Committee

Activities include: setting policy for the organization as well as helping develop priorities for the program and liaising with fundraising and executive committees on donor management, grant writing, communications and annual priority setting and planning for the program as needed. 


Fundraising Committee

Activities include: fundraising, stewardship of funders, partners and donors, building strong and diverse base of financial support, including proposing and leading fundraising events.  Work includes liaising with Food Security and Finance Committees.


Governance / HR / Nominations Committee 

Activities include and focus on three areas: governance, human resources and board nominations, ensuring the organization/board fulfills it legal, ethical and functional responsibilities. Work includes reviewing and recommending organization policies, orientation, training, and evaluation processes and procedures.


Program Committee 

Activities include: reporting on opportunities and challenges for all Centre programming and developing two-way communication mechanisms for community and staff including evaluation and community input. Work includes liaising with Fundraising and Executive Committees.


If you have any questions, please contact Governance Chair at:



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