Growing Community Food Leadership

As part of the Sustenance Festival, an extraordinary canning workshop took place at the Strathcona Community Centre.  Why extraordinary?  Because it was the Strathcona Community Centre's first workshop led by graduates of the train the trainer canning training that is offered by Fresh Choice Kitchens at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.  Read on to learn more about the workshop and broader leadership and food training opportunities. 

The recipe for the day was blueberry jam, made from blueberries that were picked during the Community Centre's blueberry farm trip in the summer.  Nicole and Lorraine, the two facilitators, led a small group of eager participants with the support of the Fresh Choice Kitchens Train the Trainer coordinator at the Food Bank.  The participants were curious, the facilitators were knowledgeable and the jam turned out to be delicious.  Everyone came away having learned lots about the water bath method of canning and with a jar of jam to enjoy at home!

In response to community interest in accessing food training and leadership opportunities, the Strathcona Food Security Program has implemented a pilot project of food-related training opportunities over the past year.  This has included access for community kitchen participants, volunteers and staff to training opportunities such as community kitchen leadership, food safe and train the trainer for canning, to name a few.  People have bloomed when given the chance to share and strengthen their gifts, build connections and take leadership. The dedication, passion, skills, knowledge and courage demonstrated by Nicole and Lorraine during the recent blueberry canning workshop is one of the success stories that stand as proof of this.

If you would like to learn more about the food programs and workshops currently offered at the Strathcona Community Centre, take a look at the program brochure.  If you would like to learn more generally about food at the Strathcona Community Centre, visit the food page of this website.

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