Community Centre Staff

Our Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and Association staff team works closely together to meet community needs and interests. They are available to answer questions and happy to receive your ideas and feedback in person at the community centre, or by phone or email.   

Recreation Supervisor

Harvey Eng - 604.713.1841 |

Harvey is a long-time employee with the Vancouver Parks Board, having started in 1980 as a part-time playground leader. His connections with Strathcona go even further than that as he went to Strathcona Elementary from kindergarten to grade 7 and he remembers being here on the opening day of the community centre in 1972. His first full time job with the Park Board was as the Recreation Programmer from 1986 to 1991, again, at Strathcona. Throughout his career, he has worked in various community centres throughout the city but he is so happy to be back at Strathcona, which is close to his heart.

Recreation Programmer (Centre)

Ron Suzuki - 604.713.1851 |

Ron is starting his 40th year as a Community Recreation Programmer so he considers himself very experienced and very old. As a Graduate of Langara’s Recreation Leadership Program and a Human Kinetics Degree from the University of British Columbia Ron is in his dream job and retirement has never crossed his mind. Ron throughout his career has worked at Riley Park (now Hill Crest) Kerrisdale,Central Recreation Services, Sunset, and the Mount-Pleasant Community Centers. When he does retire it will be at Strathcona Community Center !! Ron also has taught the art of Sushi Making since 1971 a personal hobby and passion. Ron is also a lover of cats” most beautiful creatures in the world” he has 3 of his own and urges others to adopt these amazing animals.

Recreation Programmer (Seniors + Family) 

Liza Tam - 604.713.1843 |


Liza enjoys her role as Strathcona's Senior and Family Programmer and has worked with people ranging from 0 -  99 years old! On top of all that, she is able to speak and write Chinese fluently!    



Recreation Facility Clerk

Jenny Lee - 604.713.1838 |

Jenny has been with us at the Strathcona Community Centre for over 15 years as our amazing Recreation Facility Clerk. But when she's not at the centre, she likes to spend her time off travelling. 




Community Arts Programmer 

Brenda Racanelli - 604.713.1838 | 


Brenda has been working for the residents of Vancouver for 15 years and has a strong focus on building community capacity towards developing strong and caring communities. She has previously worked as the Arts programmer for the Roundhouse Community Centre and Britannia Community Centre.


Youth Worker 

David Ng - 604.713.1845 |

Having grown up around the Strathcona area and gone to all three local schools (Strathcona, Seymour, and Britannia) , David feels very fortunate to work and make a difference ‎as a Community Youth Worker in our community.  Through our community centre's youth recreational and social programs, David strives to develop our youth to become healthy, happy, and effective citizens. 


Childcare Coordinator 

Veronica Light -  604.713.1854 | 


Veronica "Roni" has been with Strathcona in her position as a Childcare Coordinator since January of 2014, but has previously served on the Board as a Director 3 years prior to her current role. She has lived in the Strathcona neighbourhood for the past 15 years, has 2 kids of her own, and played the role of a stay at home mom for 10 years. Roni has worked with youth, children, and families since 1984, serving at youth shelters, hospitals, family therapy and Africa! 


Food Security Coordinator 

Lauren Brown - 604.713.1839 |


Lauren collaborates with a team of staff, volunteers, community members and sponsors to coordinate community-based food programs at the Strathcona Community Centre.  She loves growing, preparing, sharing and eating good food and enjoys sampling the delicious multicultural dishes that are prepared in the Centre’s kitchens.  Lauren’s favorite part of the job is getting to know the community members and staff while working together to build community-based food programs and all of the learning that takes place along the way.

Backpack Program Coordinator 

Lorraine Holubowich - 604.713.1839 |

Lorraine and her family are long term residents in the Strathcona neighbourhood. As a Backpack Program Coordinator from Strathcona's Food Security Program, she is responsible for the coordination and leadership of monthly farm and farmers market trips, the Backpack Community Kitchen, the weekly Backpack market, and special events. Lorraine believes the foundation for building community lies in the recognition of all the members to be significant, having a valuable voice, gifts, and assets to help the community thrive.


Breakfast Program Coordinator & Cooking, Fun for Families Instructor

Jane Newton-Moss - 604.713.6204 |


Jane has lived and worked in this neighbourhood since 1981, the past 16 years at the Community Centre. Jane leads an award winning Breakfast team of volunteers aged 10 - 70, to provide a nutritious morning meal for Strathcona school children and their families. In 2012, the Strathcona Breakfast Program received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award for Community Service. When not cooking, Jane enjoys listening to a variety of music and was one of only a handful of female D.Js in her native England. 




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